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  Defining Numerology

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Numerology is the branch of knowledge, the science that explains the meaning behind numbers and how they affect our lives.

It can help you find, and define, your strengths and weaknesses, your potential, deepest desires, and emotional expression; it can teach you more about the obstacles that you are being presented with and how to overcome them.

Numerology can help you develop a deeper understanding of your personality, so that you can improve your relationship with yourself and others. And, with a little bit of practice and the use of this powerful tool, anyone can gain the capacity to determine the best time for major events!

Numbers are part of our daily lives, whether we notice them or not: they are on the clock we keep an eye on constantly, they show up in the ingredients we need to prepare our daily meals, they are at the very core of the technology that follows us everywhere, they fill up the matrix of reality.

Throughout history, numbers have been associated with various meanings and have often been rendered mysterious, mystical, transcendent to the dimension of our reality. Numerology is what we call the study of numbers in relation to our daily lives.